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Tender Support

PWK Sales & Marketing provides additional “hands on” support ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled and that your tender is compliant and fit for purpose.
Out Tender Team can draft, edit and quality control the content of your tenders to increase their winning potential.

With over 30 years of combined oil & gas (offshore & onshore) industry experience, the team is able to identify opportunities for our clients to set themselves apart from the competition.

Skills & Experience

As you would expect our team has the experience required to provide the assistance you need. This includes:

  • Experience of managing responses to Pre-qualification Questionnaires, Requests for Quotations and Invitations to Tenders.
  • Well developed multi–level communication skills.
  • Good organisation and planning skills.
  • The ability to develop a detailed understanding of the client’s operations quickly.
  • The capacity to provide practical support to tender submissions.
  • The ability to adopt a proactive supportive approach to problem solving.

A Few Of Your Questions

Should I Bid?

When you receive the request we will work with you to develop and analyse a “bid or no bid” response. This could save you a substantial amount of money bidding for an inappropriate tender.


I Can't Write It?

In the event that you, or your team, do not feel confident in writing the tender we can provide experienced tender writers to help write a winning tender, bid or grant proposal.

Are My Policies Correct?

It is important for any business to have the appropriate policies and procedures in place and up to date. We can review your company's policies and procedures and advise on any amendments or additions that are required.

What Do You Provide?

As well as supporting your business through the entire process we also provide:

  • A tender library with boilerplate materials.
  • Structured and developed proposal templates.
  • The transfer of tender writing skills to your staff allowing them to develop future tender responses independently.

What Do They Want?

We help you to read between the lines of the tender documents to uncover the buyer's requirements and develop a pitch that aligns perfectly with their stated and underlying needs.


Are My Documents Compliant?

We will carry out an evaluation of proposal documents to ensure they are not only compliant but deliver a compelling pitch in line with the requirements.

Do I need case studies?

With business development it is important to demonstrate your capabilities. Providing relevant case studies is the best way of doing this. We can review case studies and marketing materials ensuring maximum impact.

What about the client?

An important part of any tender is the relationship with the client. The PWK team can assist with developing client relationships to help obtain the required information and ensure that your business has the best possible chance of a successful tender. The more information you have the greater the chance of success.


How Do I Start?

We will work with you to plan the process of proposal writing and then manage its production, ensuring quality content is created in a timely manner and submitted on time.

Do The Documents Look Good?

As with any presentation it is important to create impactful, professional, proposal documents. PWK Sales & Marketing will work with you to ensure you achieve this.

What about my staff?

Your companies Corporate & Social Responsibility policy could be the deciding factor in any tender. We can review staff CVs, social media accounts and your companies profile to ensure it represents your business appropriately.


What Happens After?

After any project it is important to carry out a review look at the 'lessons learned'. PWK conducts post-tender reviews of previous tenders submitted to establish reasons for them being unsuccessful, enabling corrective action to be taken for the current and future proposals. We also carry out reviews on successful tenders to identify and develop good practice

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